Monday, December 13, 2010

Saint Lucia Day

Celebrating St. Lucia Day

Saint Lucia Day

Our day was quiet we colored and read books all day.  This is our first year learning about St Lucia. My daughters just were in tears over what she did for her faith.  What a example she is for all girls following Christ. I hope we don't have to go through any of her pain.

We made our own wreath of greenery and lit candles out of cardstock.

My oldest daughter who let me know she was not in a white gown with a red sash.  I guess I know what to buy for next year;)

We have a female Dog so the girls wanted her to be part of the feast day!

A little information on St Lucy

Saint Lucy lived in Sicily about 300 years after Jesus was born. Her parents were Christians, even though many people in the world at that time were still pagans, who worshipped other gods. The ruler of the country was a pagan and he made it against the law to be Christian. But Lucy's parents loved Jesus very much, so they were Christians and they taught Lucy about Christ too. She grew up loving Jesus and wanting to give her whole life to Him.

When she was grown up, something wonderful happened. Her mother wanted Lucy to marry a rich young man, even though he wasn't a Christian. Lucy didn't want to marry at all, and prayed to God for some way to persuade her mother that she didn't have to marry the rich young man.

Lucy's mother became ill, and they both went on a pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Agatha to pray for healing. When Lucy's mother was miraculously healed, Lucy told her mother about how she had asked God for help so that she wouldn't have to marry. Lucy's mother changed her mind, and told Lucy that she didn't have to marry the rich young man. Lucy was very happy.

But the rich young man was not happy. He still wanted to marry Lucy, and he was very angry when she wouldn't marry him. He wanted to punish Lucy, so he told the ruler of the country that Lucy was a Christian. This was true, but it was also against the law.

Soldiers came to take Lucy away and sell her into slavery for being a Christian, but God protected her. No matter how many men tried to lift her, she could not be moved. They were so angry and so afraid of her because they couldn't lift her, that they tried to set her on fire! But God protected her from the flames. She told the soldiers that she was protected by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that she wanted to serve God.

Finally they took her to prison, where it was very cold, damp and uncomfortable. She died in prison, and went to Heaven. Jesus welcomed her and she is very happy there. Saint Lucy can pray for us, and often people who have sore eyes ask her for help.

This great information was found at domestic church a sight I like to go to since we are new Catholics.


Erin said...

I love how the dog got a crown, too!!! So cute! Your girls are beautiful!

Pamela said...

Thanks! Our dog is really a big part of our family, the girls include her in what ever we can. Your Wreaths turned out so cute!

Catherine Anne said...

So happy to have found your blog. Oh and what great photos. Even the dog! How cute:)

Pamela said...

Thanks:) I love your blog! So glad to hear you have a great library. We have a wonderful library they have so much for the kids. Looks like you had a great St. Lucy day:)

Kathryn said...

Haha, I love the crown you made for your dog, adorable! :)