Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Advent and Christmas Bedtime Reading Books

Bedtime books

Each night before our little ones go to bed we spend time telling them stories. During Advent we will read from some wonderful books. These books help our family prepare for the Lords Birth on Christmas day.

Here is our list for the year

The trees kneel at Christmas- 1 chapter each week till Christmas
The Trees Kneel at Christmas

A stable in Bethlehem*- Hannah's new Christmas gift from her Godparents. (Thank you Joe and Elizabeth)

   One Wintry night by Ruth Bell Graham- 2 chapters a week.


                      We added a new book this year. This was an Advent gift from Larry and I. Each Sunday during Advent we give the girls a little something and for the first week of Advent it was this beautiful book.



Virginia Knowles said...

Hello Pamela!

I found your blog from your comments on June Fuentes' blog and it seems we have a few things in common!

ou have many of the same Christmas books on your list as mine (, and we each have seven daughters. Most of mine are older though, and I have three sons, too. Your birth story post brought to mind my grandson's birth earlier this year.

We attend a Presbyterian church but have been enjoying some of the liturgical O Antiphons in our Advent time each day. I imagine you use this in your Catholic church?

Virginia Knowles

Pamela said...

7 Daughter and 3 sons what a blessing. My daughters are all under 11 so no grandchildren yet. We start with the O Antiphons Dec 17 in our Church. Hope you and your family have a Blessed Advent and very Merry Christmas.