Friday, February 1, 2013

Gluten Free/Organic Meal Plans for Large Families:: Week 4

Each Tuesday I will be sharing our family meal plan for the upcoming week. I have gone so long without a list or even a menu for my family, I don't advise that at all. Coming home after spending 100's of dollars and wondering what's for dinners. Then you figure out what you want to make and you’re missing something, then you’re off the store again.

We try to eat really 100% gluten free, and organic. We eat about 50-60% Raw most of the time, and I am telling you there is a big difference in how you will look and feel.

I wanted to add that for my family of 11 we spend around $400.00 a week on food. During the summer less since we will be eating from our Garden. That comes out to just about $5.30 per day to feed each person in my family. I know families that spend that at Starbucks each morning. It can be done! You can get great coupons and shop the deals, and load up when you find a great sale.

Week 4

Breakfast - Coconut Flour Protein Waffles with bananas
Lunch - Vege Tray
Dinner - Gluten Free Apple Pie Omelet Recipe
Snack - Chips and Dip

Breakfast - Chocolate Strawberry Smoothies ( here's a recipe Chocolate Strawberry Soy Smoothie, we don't use Soy we like Almond Milk or Flax Milk)
Lunch - Gluten-Free Reuben Sandwich
Snack - Chocolate Covered Dried Apricots/Bananas

Breakfast -Hard Boiled Eggs and Fruit with Heavy Whipped Cream
Lunch/Dinner - Church Fellowship
Snack - Salsa and Chips

Breakfast - Bacon, Eggs and Sliced Apples
Lunch - Popcorn
Dinner - Gluten Free Creamed Salmon and Eggs with a big Salad
Snack - Natural Peanut Butter on Celery

Breakfast - Brain Power” Smoothie
Lunch - Gluten Free Mac and Cheese Meatballs with Veges
Dinner - Salad Bar and Potato bar
Snack - Healthy Probiotic Marshmallows

Breakfast - Breakfast Egg Muffins
Lunch - Fruit Tray
Dinner -Indiana Harvest Sausage Lentil Soup  (we will be making our own)
Snack - Apple Butter on Rice Cakes, here is a link for homemade Pumpkin-Apple Butter

Breakfast - Gluten Free Pear Bread
Lunch - Smoothies
Dinner - Homemade Pizza
Snack - Gluten Free Pizza Bread sticks

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