Monday, February 11, 2013

Be My Valentine ~ Week 4 ~ Passion is Not Just for the Movies

Okay ladies it's week 4 of our Marriage Challenge, how did you all do last week? That was sure a fun week, I think my husband enjoyed it VERY MUCH!!

For this week seeing it is the week of Valentine's I thought it would be fun to share our plans with one another. I already posted my family plans in an earlier post but I wanted to make this post a little more about what we expect our day to look like.

Do you have high expectations for this upcoming February 14th?  Can I help you out by asking you to lower your expectations for this big day? I know my husband is not a romantic kind of man and I know he even forgets this day almost every year. I also know my husband loves me 365 day out of the year and is not only my one true love on February 14th.

Every store you walk into will make you feel that if you are not showered with gifts you are not loved.  I am here to tell you before I go any further into this post that this is just not true. Most man have no idea what you really want since they can't read your mind, and most men are just romantic like you see in the movies. Men are built very different than women, and I think that this day should really be about us ladies using our love talents on our men.

Women are the ones that need love and Men need respect. Husbands are to love there wife as Christ loved the Church, but men  just don't get all mushy over love stories and romantic novels like women. Love is not Roses and Candy once a year and it does not mean your husband is any less in love with you if he does not buy these things.  

Every day our hearts should be turned outward and upward, not just on holidays!

Philippians 2:3 &4 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

Instead of waiting on your husband this year way not shower him with respect and love! Men are to show love to their wife and love can be shown in many ways. Remember we are to show respect to our husbands and getting all mad over forgotten roses and really bad cards is not lifting him up in the talents God gave him.

If flowers and candy make you happy maybe you could let him know how much you love to receive flowers and candy on this day. Your husband really has no idea what you would like unless you express to him your desires. Do the same for him ask him what he would like to do on this day. It's better than guessing and it helps both of you communicate with each other.

Remember the title of this blog "Passion is Not Just for the Movies" its true passion is made for a married man and his wife.

Here are a few ideas that might make your man happy on this night of Love,

A great tasting, looking and smelling meal, I like to have a family afternoon and an evening of just my husband and I.

A night of Passion, remember all the crazy things you did alone together when you were newly married. Flirt, touch and give him a night he won't forget!

Play games only made for married couples

Write a love letter letting your husband know all the things you love about him. Read it out loud to him during your special dinner. Maybe make this a dinner game where you each write down the things  you love about each other and then read it out loud.


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