Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge

I have access to a grocery store but I would much rather have one on our home!
 Maybe one that looks like this
With the way our economy is going I don't want to leave it up to the stores to supply food for my family.
Yes somethings will still be needed from the store but not everything.
 I am taking the Challenge for my family and my pocket book!
I want to know everything that is going into my body, I want to be healthier!
I want to be self sufficient! 
So it is time for a different mindset, a different way of thinking and living.
Each day or every couple of days we will work on a new part of the challenge so check back soon. I'm a little behind since I just found out about this challenge yesterday, so bare with me:) 
I will be posting everything we are going to do on my blog, yours might be different.
Some of us have to work with smaller areas some larger.
We are hoping to buy a 20 acre farm in the next couple of weeks just for farming and personal food.

 Maybe you have more land maybe some of you have city lots. I think we should all try to garden at any level we can.
Remember this will have to be a commitment or it won't work.
 I can't wait to hear your ideas:) 
 Join me over at Our Simple Farm


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