Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be My Valentine ~ Week 3 - Kiss Your Way to a Better Marriage

Here we are in the third week, how did everyone do last week?  I feel I did pretty well, but I also could have worked harder in some areas.
This weeks Challenge will be short and sweet, the title says it all.

KISSING!!! No more peeking on the lips, this week lets give our husband's a kiss that will send a love message to them. When you kiss him good- bye or he brushes up against you to say hello after work, show him that your happy to have him home.

After a few years of marriage we all forget how that first kiss felt from our husbands on our wedding days!  It becomes all to easy to sometimes even forget to kiss our husbands on a daily bases. Shame on us for all being to busy for the man in our lives.

 “Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart.” – Proverbs 6:45

This week lets make our husbands feel like the kings of the castle. Lets smile more, laugh more and kiss much, much more. Remember love comes from God, ask your father in heaven to help put the spark back into your marriage. Ask him to bring you closer.

Ideas to bring on that romantic kiss that is long over do
A body back rub
A shower together
A romantic night of just holding each other and talking

 The plan is to bring you together much more this week. Remember to KISS like you mean it!   


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