Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Shaking Off the Bonds of Lent" With some changes..

I spoke in my last post about something my family does each year during Lent. It is called "Shaking off the bonds of stuff." This is where you spend 40 day of Lent shedding the clutter in your lives, so that you can focus more on walking closer with our Lord through Lent. The original post and idea came from My little flower blog, but since we are not Catholic we had to change a few things.
Day 1 Ash Wednesday : Make a decision to stay out of stores until after Easter. These would be stores that really don't need to be visited during Lent. If you do buy something write it down to keep track of all the "stuff " you thought you needed. 
Day 2 : Clear out all the trash in your Van and Sparkle the inside up. Make a decision to stop picking up free things you don't really need. If you do may be give to your local donation center.
Day 3 : Collect all unmatched socks and put them in a plastic bag. Set aside. [You'll see on Day 40 that if you haven't yet discovered the matches to the socks, you'll joyfully throw those mismatched socks away.]
Day 4 : Recycle newspapers over one week old, even if you haven't read them. [On Day 6 we'll throw out catalogs. On Day 28 we'll toss magazines, so you need tackle only newspapers today. If you are feeling super ambitious, tackle all three today and then tackle something different on Days 6 and 28!]
Day 5 : Empty your laundry room completely. Wash, fold, mend, iron, and return every item to its proper place or give it to your parish St. Vincent de Paul Society or Goodwill.

Day 6 : Throw out all old catalogs. They will send new ones.

Day 7 : Throw out all expired coupons and sale notices.

Day 8 : Give every gift you received and never used to someone who needs it or could use it more than you. If you can't think of anyone, toss it.

Day 9 : Go through your photos. Toss those of people whose names you can't remember and all ugly or unflattering photos.

Day 10 : Give all you junk  food away that has been in your kitchen cabinets for more than a month. Place these items in the garbage, people at food pantrys need good healthy food not junk.

Day 11 : Collect all stained and ripped clothing hanging in your closets. Either mend it or throw it out immediately.

Day 12 : Dispose of all the recipes you cut out and haven't used.

Day 13 : Go through your clothes. Give away everything that doesn't fit or doesn't flatter. (Maternity clothes do not count).

Day  14 : Throw away all broken toys and games with missing parts.

Day 15 : Go through old paint and throw out what is unusable. If the can is near empty, allow it to dry out before throwing it in the trash. Check your phone book for proper disposal sites for full cans.

Day 16 : Throw away medicine that has expired.

Day 17 : Toss cosmetics that have expired.

Day 18 : Give away or sell any books you have finished reading or do not want any longer.

Day 19 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 20 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 21 : Evaluate your collections. Give away or sell those that no longer interest you.

Day 22 : Go through old craft supplies and give away those that you don't have a reasonable expectation of using again.

Day 23 :  Throw away all notices and announcements for past events and events you have no intention of attending.

Day 24 : Take all the address labels and notes, enter the information into an address book and throw away the originals.

Day 25 : Throw away all broken appliances. Give away or sell those that work but which you no longer use.

Day 26 : Toss curtains, mini blinds ect.. you have replaced because they were ugly, faded, or worn.

Day 27 : Get rid of or repair broken furniture.

Day 28 : Go through all the magazines in your house. Sort them into piles:--keep for reference (only if you actually reference them)
--toss after 6 months

--toss after each month and
--toss immediately

Day 29 : Dispose of chipped and broken dishes. Go through your dishes and glasses. If you have complete sets, give away the pieces of incomplete sets.

Day 30 : Throw out anything that has been in your freezer for more than six months. If you don't know how long it has been there, throw it away.

Day 31 : Go through all your plastic bags and recylce what you don't need.

Day 32 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 33 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 34 : Give away or sell clothes your children have outgrown. If you anticipate having more children, sort the outgrown clothing carefully and pack away only those that you would want the next child to wear.

Day 35 : Throw away flowers and, out-of-control plants.

Day 36 : Throw away broken, chipped or ugly decorative items.

Day 37 : Give away entertainment or computer equipment you no longer use. Then do the same with CDs, records, and tapes.

Day 38 : Sort through wires, cables, power cords, and chargers and get rid of those that don't match up with items you still use.

Day 39 : Go through excess paper. File it or throw it out. Than test all pens and throw away the ones that don't work.

Day 40 : Have the Mates to your socks shown up, if not, joufully toss the whole bag in the trash


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