Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Valentine's Day Plans for 2013

With Valentines this week, the start of Lent and a full calender of events I may need to add a few hours to my day.

I can't believe Valentines Day is almost here where is 2013 going!
I have some fun plans that will included  loving up my husband and enjoying a night of togetherness without children, at least I hope.  Amazing how many years I have been with my husband, we have been married almost 16 years and this will be our 16th Valentines together.  I pray we have 60+ more great years together, my husband is my best friend and I can't see going through life without him by my side.

What a great night to share your love with the man of your dreams!

Our plans for this year will be day time activities with the kids and evening plans that included only my hubby and I.

I always have fun activities planned for my kids and this year will be no different.

The activity plans for the day are as follows 

Fun pink playdough using this link as a guide, starting with pink and maybe doing a few other colors . 

 Since in our family reading is at the top of our fun we plan on reading some Valentines books. Our book list is not at big as years in the past but we still found some some favorites.

We will be reading
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
Day It Rained Hearts a new book we bought the kids this year
The Story of St. Valentine: More Than Cards and Candied Hearts 

To finish the day we will make our finger paint tree's with hearts, and have a card exchange between our family.

The girls work on homemade cards for each other weeks before our party. It's fun to watch them get so involved in making one another happy.

Here is a cute idea that I found on pinterest for a homemade card  yes paint and glitter will be needed, but it looks so easy! 

We will have snacks of course since sweets are needed on this day. 
We will be  making our Edible Candy necklacesSparkled Pink and Red Marshmallows, little sandwiches in the shape of hearts with chips on the side, and some kind of tea or pink drink.

Our evening plans will be set aside for my husband and I, after the kids are all in bed.

This year we will be having dinner at home in bed and not going out, since I cook better anyway:)  I will be adding candles to light the room, and playing some romantic fun games.

For our dessert menu I may make this Raw Seduction Chocolate PuddingHealthy Fudge Truffles and Strawberries and Kiwis on the side.

A day of sharing our love with one another, a perfect way to start off the season of Lent.

 What will you be doing this year?

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