Monday, January 24, 2011


Today please pray for Austria
 So many are leaving the Catholic Church because of the sex scandals, and the church tax.  Many believe in God but very few have met Jesus personally. 
We keep them in our prayers.

Here is a link for more info, great info and a video to watch about Austria's need.

We will watch a family movie The Sound of Music (Three-Disc 45th Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging) (I grew up with this movie and now my children love it.)
We have lots of doll clothes in our home. We really try to by modest wear even for our dolls.
Maria's Play Dress is one that we own. Perfect for today:)

Were hoping to add
This Book, and V is for von Trapp Book, maybe for birthday's coming up.

Coloring Sheets


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chili pepper said...

Oh, I love what you said about dolls and modesty. That has always been our goal, too. What children carry out in their play is what they will play in their life. If they no nothing besides modest dress as a way of life they see a stark difference in the world and it never becomes a struggle for them. So many women tell me what a battle it is for them to dress modestly and heartbreaking stories of the battles with their daughters to get them to understand the importance of modesty.