Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank You Vision Forum

I am so excited about the news I received from Vision Forum the other day. They have accepted me into the affiliate program.  I love all they sell; my family has been blessed by them in so many ways. You know how some people love people magazines, and they can't get enough of all the latest Gossip news. Well I read and try to fill my home with Vision Forum items.  I wanted to share again the amazing books, DVDs, and toys that we bought from them over Christmas. If you choose to buy from them could you please use my links from my blog?  I really did not start this blog to make money.  I started this blog as a journal for my family. To share the love I have of my faith, and to spread the wonder word of Jesus Christ.
Thank You Doug and Beall Phillips for this wonderful program, and for everything you do.

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chili pepper said...

We love, love, love Vision Forum. Can not tell you how much time we spend reading their catalogs and how many of their items have blessed our lives over the years. My husband was flipping through the new brochure a little while ago and said, "I could just order one of everything in there." I don't know of any other mail order catalog he reads.