Friday, January 21, 2011

School Books

As a home school family do you really ever stop buying books? I really don't mind, seeing I love to shop :) I have become more frugal over the years which I am proud of, but I still can't pass up great books. When my daughters ask for reading books and items that will help them grow in their faith, I melt. I can't help it I love to learn new things, and I love the fact that my daughters love God and homemaking. So, my daughter came up to me and said she was ready for another reading book. She looked at me and asked if we could order from Vision Forum. I was so excited and of course said yes.

Here is what we picked out-
The Kathleen Collection
And for my oldest daughter, who will be 12 in April.-
Homestead Blessings. She picked this out herself. We will learn how to sew together and I can't wait.

When you place any size order from now till January 31st you will receive free Building A Winning Curriculum. I am in the middle of reading this book and it gives you a load of information. Even if you don't base your life around schooling your kids like I do. It helps you understand what you are buying, what age it is recommended for, and how to use the book.
Fathers & Daughters: Why Every Father is Leaving a Legacy
First, there is an explanation of the title, followed by how you might use this book within your own home.
Second the format of the resource.
Third what age the resource is for.



chili pepper said...

We do own so many books... and it is one thing I love to shop for. (I HATE shopping of any other sort). I think to myself it doesn't make sense for us to own so many books when there are libraries in the world and then we wouldn't have to store them but on the other hand we all LOVE to read and we read about anything and all the time so I feel it is a good investment, if there is such a thing.

Pamela said...

I always worry about our Government slowly stripping books that have Christian views. The library is a wonderful thing; we use it all the time. Over Christmas the librarian checked out 50 + books all at once for us, you should have seen her face:)

I know what a thing to worry about, the Goverment stripping books of truth, or even publishers. I want my grandchildren to enjoy the books of our faith, and I want them to read the truth. I used to love shopping, now I enjoy web shopping:)