Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy BIrthday Sweet girl!

A little look at Juliana's past
and moments!

  1 month old Juliana was crazy about her nooks.

4 months old.

9 months old and Juliana is on her first family Vacation.
We went to Door County, where my father spent his summers as a child.

9 months old, back from vacation and getting ready for our first day of school.

A fantastic bakery we used to buy all our birthday cakes from.
Buttercream with raspberry filling.

1st Birthday
It was just as fun to sit on the gift, when you were one.

2ys old
Just super cute!

Dressed for tea!

3rd Birthday
Mickey mouse was your favorite.

4th Birthday
You loved Kung fo Panda, and Panda bears.

We had a Toy Story Birthday

This is Juliana's Woody and Buzz cake.

I hope all your wishes come true!
We love you so much!

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So beautiful!