Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Day Book Jan 5 ~ A New Year 2011

A New Year has started, and another Christmas is behind us.
Outside my window... I am finally seeing the sunshine. Sunshine seems to be a rare thing around our town; it makes the winters long and extra cold.

Our dog loves it! Crazy Girl!

I am thinking... about all my girls, and today I realized that my job is way bigger than I thought.

I am thankful for... For all the time I will have this month with my husband. He will be home for a whole month, which means mom gets a little rest. I get time to finish all the things I started, and it feels so good. I am even going to plan out my next year of school:)

From the learning rooms... Life is back to normal like it was before our little CJ was born. Math, Grammar, Reading, Phonics, Science and History ect... We will be making a Salt Dough Map today of Israel for Geography, I will post more on that later.

The perfect reason why we took 3 months off of school.

From the kitchen... I still smell my homemade Turkey noodle soup. It was one of those yummy meals that just made you feel all warm and fuzzy. It was a hit, which is a good thing, because we will have it for dinner the next couple days. 
Here is what my stock looked like before it was turned into a masterpiece.

 Another picture...

Today's lunch.

I am wearing... One of my favorite pairs of pj's. I was given 2 pairs from my hubby this blue cozy flannel pair, and a Pink gown which is just as snuggly. Oh I have a pair of pants on under my gown, and a light blue Merino wool sweater., since our home is very drafty.

I am creating... a monthly menu, and shopping list for the year. I love to be very organized, and my hubby is home all month so why not.

I am praying...that our little CJ feels better soon, and that I receive my backorder from Vision Forum soon.

I am reading... a few books Large Family Logistics, and How God Wants Us to Worship Him. The last book  is being read by my hubby and I.

I am get caught up on my grading, since I have fallen behind. We don't keep real grades till middle school, but I still like to keep track. 

I am hearing... Madeyln walk around the kitchen very cold. It took 22 minutes to dress the girls to play outside; Madeyln made it 10 minutes outside, poor baby.

Around the house... I am looking at books everywhere on my office floor, and lots of Christmas decorations up in our home. I just love all the greenery, red bows, nativities, and Christmas books that grace our home.

One of my favorite things... Baby girl cloth diapers, Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Cloth Diaper Aplix (Velcro-type) RASPBERRY PINK. This diapers work so well. We also love the wipes they make. My favorite cover and has been for a very long time is the Organic Caboose Eco-Fleece Diaper Cover - Large. Oh we also love the flip covers Flip - Snap - Stay Dry Insert Individual-Zinnia.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I really have so much I want to do. I need to just break it up into weeks
  • Organize by Christmas plans for next year, including-reading lists, and recipe lists.
  • Start to take down our Christmas decorations
  • Finish my menus for Jan - Lent
  • Plan the 3 birthdays we have next week
  • Start working on next year's school plans
  • Listen to another Dvd from our Bioethics & life Collection

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... (Add your picture here)

Getting ready for outside play

I think Hannah will be warm

5 girls ready to go after 22 minutes of dressing

Grace was the last to get ready. She had the most loved chore in the house DISHES.

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Gardenia said...

beautiful images of your girlies. and I got flannel pj's from my hubby too!