Monday, January 10, 2011

We have 3 Birthdays in our house..

We really have 3 birthdays in our house this week. My husband and 2 of my girls will celebrate in a sweet way.   How will we celebrate these 3 birthdays?  By eating lots of sweets of course!  It is after all a sweet event in our life, and we thank God for each of them. So I started thinking about how to attack the whole cake thing, seeing we need 3 of them.

So this year we decided to do 3 separate sweet treats. We will go out for ice cream today, have a Toy Story 3 birthday cake on Tuesday, and cupcakes to finish on Sunday.

Really a birthday is so much more then cake, and  presents is it not?  In our family we remember the birth of each child/parent, and we reflect on their life. This year we are going to write down 5 things, that we would miss if the birthday person was not here, and never had a birthday. 

We also remember in the Month of January the life we lost. At 10wks Pregnant we lost our sweet baby.  I was only pregnant for 10 wks still in the first trimester.  I never was able to hold our sweet baby and yet I still cry, and I still remember so much about her birthday. We pray that by God’s Grace someday we will meet her in Heaven.

So this week is full of gifts from Heaven, gifts we get to love on, and gifts we will not receive till we reach heaven. Our Father in Heaven is Lord of our lives, and I Praise him for everything good and bad.  We love him for all he has done in our life. We pray we have lots more birthdays to come, full of sweet thoughts and sweet treats.


Gardenia said...

wow. four birthdays in January ! what a blessed month you have with so much to praise the Lord for. Your little soul is praising God as the head of the assemblies of all the saints.
My daughter has a borthday this month too.

chili pepper said...

I thought having 2 birthdays in one week was a lot! My husband and I were reading your blog a bit last night and we were thinking about how similar our stories are... at least the little bit we see here. My hubby and son celebrate their birthdays on January 9th and 11th. (My mother is on the 12th, too) and on the 27th we remember the baby who was due but went to Heaven instead.

Wow! All 7 girls. Your house must be much quieter than ours. ☺ So glad to meet you and get to know a little about you.