Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Savings Plan for 2013

Something I learned this past year is having a family of 10 is really expensive! With birthdays, family days and holidays it really adds up. Since our debt is about 95% paid off as of Feb 2013 I figured now I can start saving for all the fun things.

I was on The Secret to Having it All a blog I found yesterday, and she had a great idea. A 52 week money challenge. I was just thinking about a way I could start saving for all these fun things we like to do, and this is it! We will be putting $5.00 a week away but matching it by what week we are in, so week 52 will be $260.00. I know thats's a lot but without debt it can be done! With a smaller family you may not need to put in as much as us, but if you do imagine how much easier it will be to take care of things that you really need or want for your family.

If debt is still part of your life please pay that down first. I would say $1.00 per week is a easy amount for most and could be done even if you have debt. The way I see it is when a special day comes up in life we are going to buy things anyway, so why not put that money aside so you don't feel that pinch. You won't be tempted to charge the fun things because it will be ready in your savings bucket. Remember stay within your savings and use places like Ebay, Thrift stores, and garage sales for great finds.

If you have a small business you could apply this as well, it would be easy to put away $1.00 for every sale you make, or for each item you sell. At the end of the year take that money and do what you would like or grow your business. You just need to start and I would say stay away from banks. Buy Gold, Silver,  use a coffee can anything but not a bank! Keep it with you if you can!

Good Luck!


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Susan said...

Good luck with this challenge! I am very excited about doing it. My husband has joined in as well, so hopefully we can double it for extra savings this year. Also, thanks for linking up with my blog!! Stop by again soon!