Friday, January 11, 2013

Homeschool day!!! Week 2

Every Thursday I want to blog about home schooling, and it can be anything about home schooling! I have a hard time keeping track of ideas and plans. I have folders stacked up with pictures, papers and ideas and would like to just post it here instead. I will share what we are doing each week, and what we will be using to get the job done.

It's Friday sorry about the delay:)

So, this past week was an okay week for our family even though plans changed. My mother in-law did not come down Monday like planned since we were all still coughing from this flu/cold, will this ever end. We have been fighting this since before Christmas, I am so ready for the runny noses to end.

We got a lot of our studies done this week which was so nice. My kids were starting to get board, and I was ready for our routine to kick back in. I love to do all the crafty things with my kids but it is so hard for me to sit and teach English and Math. My husband has been home all week and he is so good at it. I listened to him teach the younger kids and it was so sweet, they just love it!

I decided since Larry was home I would get some organizing and selling done. While trying to figure out what to do with all my plans for each month I came across a company that I just was so happy to find. This company sells everything one would need for storage in the home! The company is called
Thirty One, have you ever bought from them? While I was looking over the website I came across a Fold N' File that would be perfect for all my file folders, which hold each months plans. This along with about 5 other things will be going on my Thirty one wish list!

Plans for the upcoming week in our little school house -

Finish working on the family binder that I talked about last week, were moving a little slower than I thought we would with this.

Will be starting the Alphabet path with my younger 2 daughters, all though I think I will have 2-3 of the older girls wanting to join in. This is a Catholic preschool idea, but we are going to change a few things to fit our protestant beliefs and our family likes, and values.

My older children will be starting a state-by- state scrapbook; I will share more about this in a later post. Here is a little peek at the first book we will be using
F is for First State: A Delaware Alphabet .

Our daily plans for school look a lot like last week, with new activities

Monday - A normal school day, but we will be making our snowman today!! Colorful snowman to put up in our January snowflake home.  Snowman are one of my favorite things, and adding lots of color is going to be fun!

Tuesday - Martin Luther Kings' birthday, National hat day and Strawberry ice cream day. Not sure what we will do yet but I do know that homemade Strawberry ice cream will be included.

Wednesday - Today is Madelyn's 4th birthday so we are off of school today to celebrate! We have a Cinderella party planed and she is so excited!

Thursday - Benjamin Franklin's Birthday today we will learn a little about one of our founding fathers.

Friday - Jazz Day we will learn about Jazz and use some of
these worksheets for fun.

I thought it would be nice to print out a calendar for all the fun activities we like to do each day. It really keeps school fun when my children know that each day we will be learning about all kinds of fun new things.

Here is a
calendar I am going to print off for my girls, they have icons you can paste on but I think we might just make our own.


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