Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homeschool Day!!

Every Thursday I want to blog about home schooling, and it can be anything about home schooling! I have a hard time keeping track of ideas and plans. I have folders stacked up with pictures, papers and ideas and would like to just post it here instead. I will share what we are doing each week, and what we will be using to get the job done.

January 2 -4th we are still on a winter break so I am really just grading and catching up on some things I put off till after Christmas. One of the things I chose to do for 2013 is make a House hold Binder like the one you see here. It's been fun making this binder with my daughter and husband and I can't wait to share it with you!

My girls are doing catch up on some school work this week, and were back full time January 7th!! We always do our normal school work, but we also love to add things! Here is what we are doing for fun alongside our normal day.

Monday- Christmas with Grandma at our house, we are having a themed winter Christmas party this year!

Tuesday- Normal school day and it's National Clean-off-your-desk Day! A good day to clean out our desks and school areas, a midyear cleaning.

Wednesday- National Apricot Day I think I will make apricot cookies today. This is a easy coloring sheet little kids 5 and under can color.

Thursday- Daddy's birthday is today and we will celebrate his 36th birthday!  It's also •Bittersweet Chocolate Day a good day to learn about chocolate.

Friday- Juliana's birthday is today and we will be taking the day off, she will be 7 today and she is growing so fast. Another perk you get when you home school is taking the day off for your birthday!! And for fun, it is national milk day!!

I have come up with monthly themes in our house for this year, hoping to add a little fun for the little ones. Since schooling at home is about family and togetherness I try to make it year round fun! We school year round so we have themes for the next 12 months!

January- Winter snowflakes, and our Favorite things

February- Caring and Sharing and Lent

March- Irish Culture and Easter

April- Spring and Gardens

May- Flowers and Garage Sales

June- Flags and Fathers

July- Red White and Blue

August- Beaches and School Supplies

September- Apples and Parties

October- Smells of fall and Pumpkin seeds

November- Pilgrims and Preparing

December- Advent and the Grinch

That's it for this week, I hope all of you are having a great 12 days of Christmas!



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